Impending Impatience - Nia Di Gennaro

Impending Impatience - Nia Di Gennaro




For this crown, dark


In the balm of this chamber, blush


In brevity

To this season, long

In the slight of an a.m. downpour, gentility

How the scene ached to express itself to me

Presented by significance

Dressed as

Violent elegance

Intoned as

Brutal magnificence

Rousing sentience

Waking dormant tenderness

Bidding attention



To where I lay

To where I’d been laying

For hours

For days




Your meat

Your marrow

Your pith


Your depravity

I’ve merry walked


Your brine

I’ve sticky rolled

In your proclivity

I’ve risky peeped

And quietly

We march the death meadow



So as not to stir the bitter wind

Or provoke the nightshade starved

Who desire a kill



Wings wide

Flut-tut overhead

And know its menace

Hold breath

And hold for the pop and glitter

And purr with verve

Oh, my

Thy drugs are quick


Written by Nia Di Gennaro

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