Double Hannya, Touching Tongues - Nia Di Gennaro

Double Hannya, Touching Tongues - Nia Di Gennaro

Stirred alive

To the pit-pat hum-lax

Of the Virgin Mary

Slinking toward my body

Tucked into the corner

Of a used divan


She shakes me 

From the pretty briars of a deep sleep

Containing a beautiful wish


She taps

She grates me

And I’ve been commissioned

To wake Nia, wake!

Flops out her pre-crying cock

And I get drummed

And I fix

On the lost life of an insect

Smeared over the wall

Skid marked

And I think of grade three

And I think of brown


I rally

Show a leg 

In a country RSL

Where all the people are thick

Sauntering about, red

Like the’ve pockets full’a rocks

Normality is obesity

Fatality is normality


Jar of Moccona 

Is all I have to work with out here

Judgement gulp it

Distain sip it

But can’t say I hate the son of a bitch

In these quarters

It’s my only friend


I take a moment in pardon

To recall lovely things I like:


Vivid Spanish tapestries


Sughetto di pomodorino

Basilico fresco

Espresso e Limoncello

Warm sand

The laugh of my baby niece


I idle 

In the direct sunlight

But it never touches me

I never get hot 


Written by Nia Di Gennaro

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